Last Second Registration 

Yesterday at the last possible moment I registered for a local sprint Triathlon on Father’s Day. Usually I manage to plan my whole year months in advance. However; this season I have been so inconsistent I might as well continue with that theme. Hence, the last second registration. 

I did this race years ago and I hold fond memories of here. I enjoy racing here for two reasons. First each year I got progressively faster. If memory serves; 1:28, 1:12, and 1:08. All these times were pre hip replacement, and from what I remember were pain free. Second because this is a homecoming for me. I grew up swimming in this water, biking, and running on these beaches and paths. 

Let’s see what I can do. Without having focused on speed this season, I’d like to think I can finish nearly as fast as my PR on this course. I should probably research the course and transition open and close times before I go and do anything stupid like DNS. Then again what’s the fun in that. 

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