Pre-Op BHR Expectations

It seems that the surgery date all of a sudden became very real and is nearly here, I cannot believe it is only 8 days away. Wow, time really flies and with that I have started to get nervous, worried, and yeah even scared. Sure I am excited to be on the other side of this conversation and write about how great PT has been post op, and the progress I have been making but I still have eight nights ahead of me of wondering what will become of my situation.

The nurse told me I was a real bleeder, and that she did not need any help finding a vein. thanks?

Blood donation, so last week I had to make a personal donation to stock pre-surgery blood of my own. This was an option I was presented with and I decided would be a good idea since I have never given blood before and post Sand the blood banks would be low and I figured that rationally if I had my own blood on hand that would mean blood donations could be better used for those in medial emergencies instead of being on hand for me. Anyway, I think that was the right decision, I did tell the doctor that if I do not need my blood that it should be donated to someone that is in need.

On the lighter side, I have been doing a few things to get prepared both mentally and physically for my recovery period.  For instance I received a packet from HSS (not the triathlon racing kind, although that would make this more fun, someone wants a tech-tee) describing my pre-op orientation day for Nov 8th and the ways I should prepare my home for life after surgery. Instructions included basic information and guidance that I should remove any area rugs, lose cords, or exposed items I might trip over (done, now I just need to make sure the dog doesn’t leave her toys all over the place). I have to measure the height of the toilet to see if I will need a high-chair, yes just what I wanted. I need to have either crutches or a cane on hand post op in order to be discharged. Some friends of mine have been hilariously suggested I get a pimp cane, and rename my blog hip-master-flex, ha!

Here on a more serious note are some things I should be expecting.

Leg swelling, this is normal post surgery. The swelling will be better in the AM and worse at night. I will be discharged with blood thinners; however, if the swelling becomes sever you may have a blood clot and should contact the hospital. Only sure way to find out if the swelling continues is to receive an ultrasound of the leg.

Incision: The sutures will grow out or be absorbed after 10-14 days. The incision should not be draining when you leave the hospital, if drainage or redness occurs please contact the office. Some redness is expected due to the incision itself and the sutures but a rash would be an indication of the beginning or onset of an infection.

Bathing:  I can resume showering once the incision stops draining, however I should avoid soaking in a tub, hot-tub, or pool for 2 to 3 days. (darn I was really looking forward to swimming sooner! Jkjing…slow and steady wins this race.

Hip Precautions: Because I am receiving a BHR (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing) I do not have the same strict precautions that a full hip replacement patient needs to follow. I imagine I will know more on this subject after my orientation tomorrow. I plan on sharing what I have learned here so this can hopefully become a source of knowledge and reassurance to others receiving a BHR in the future. I also want to share the list of questions I cultivated while contemplating a BHR and the responses from Doctor Mayman at HSS.

I wanted to end this post with a question, if you have received a surgery for anything from rotator cuff (I’ve had that too), tumor removed, or even chemotherapy what have been some positive things you think of before going in for surgery? What did you do in order to help yourself fall asleep in the nights leading up to the procedure (cause right now I am just trying to exhaust myself by cycling and swimming till I have to stop), please share your experience.


yep filled that unite of blood super fast, I knew I would PB it!

2 thoughts on “Pre-Op BHR Expectations

  1. I understand that you’re going into something that you haven’t done before and it’s scary. Ask your doctor every question you can think of beforehand – no matter how silly you might think it is. Be your own advocate. Try not to worry about what if or worst case scenarios. Staying busy in the pool and on your bike is great right now because it will give you something else to focus on. Remember the pain will heal even though it might seem like it will last forever. This is a decision you’ve made to give yourself the chance to pursue your dream. We live in an amazing day and age as far as medical advancements and technology and you’re in very good hands. You’re an athlete, your physically and mentally strong and you’ve done everything you can to set yourself up for success. Whatever you feel going into or coming out of surgery is okay to feel. Your mood may change from minute to minute. Take everything step by step and ask for help/ let people help you if you need it. All the best!!!

  2. I’ve never had surgery but did PT on a knee injury. I couldn’t run or do any intense exercise, but I knew that exercising improved my mood. So, I made sure just to move around as much as I could. I also see this as a learning opportunity for you. An iron-man is a long and strenuous race, that will take mental strength that you can gain from this experience. Good luck!

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