2 cents for NYC Marathon & NYRR

My two cents, (Inspired to write this after reading my friends blog here: NYC Marathon & One Torn Runner) the powers that be (Mayor Bloomberg & NYRR) have already given the NYC Marathon the green light. Instantly this became a hot topic, a PR nightmare, and a fundraising opportunity. Sandy has certainly left millions of people affected in the tri-state area. I am not going to try to convey the damages, as my parents are without power on long island for another week or more, and my aunt and her family have a tree still in their attic. I would love to get out to Li and help them out, but there is limited transportation out of the city of NY and I don’t have a car here or truck to make my way out there, also note I am not an electrician and can’t turn the power back on for my family. Maybe it sounds harsh, cold, or that I don’t care, it is just the hard facts.

Back to my point on the realities of the race, the supplies, effort, energy (power) that goes into this event is tremendous I am not going to attempt to quantify it here as I am sure if you google it you will find all sorts of data. NYRR should make every effort to give the extra water bottles, Gatorade, post race & pre race nutrition, PowerBars & Gels, to those that need it most. Make immediate delivery of these supplies post race to the nearest shelter, soup kitchen, and evacuation center. Make use of the trucks and deliver supplies from areas in the city like the UES & UWS that have supplies to downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island, just do it. Change the view and opinion of millions who are upset that the event is going on and get them to help. Turn the nay sayers into doers, inspire the city to help the Marathon help those in need. My simple turn around idea is those that race should register to volunteer on Marathon Monday here are some simple ways to register to be a volunteer. NYRR is suggesting if you race donate 26.2 dollars to the relief effort, I am not sure if money is as helpful as a pair of hands might be but what do I know, I am just another blogger writing about change without doing something, so you know what screw that I just signed up to volunteer with NYCares and so should you!


One thought on “2 cents for NYC Marathon & NYRR

  1. instant problem with volunteering, NYCares we want to help but if you require orientation sessions first and those are all full till Nov 19th that doesnt help us help you. gerrrrr so if anyone reading this knows of an instant volunteer opportunity by all means share it please.

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