NYC Marathon Bitter & not so Sweet:

Well today I made it official and deferred the 2012 ING NYC Marathon. I have known for a long time I would not be able to run the Marathon with my hip issues, but still it is hard to think that after my hard work in 2011 completing NYRRs suggested 9+1 in order to gain an entry slot I would have to defer till 2013.

The view up 1st Ave at 59th

Two bright spots; first I will be able to subway it around Manhattan and cheer on my Girl Friend who has been training hard since June. Second, I will be volunteering at the 2012 Marathon Expo with The Children’s Tumor Foundation booth and I sincerely feel that if I am able to run the Marathon in 2013 I would like to raise money for their organization, after seeing Sarah Coulam race Ironman Lake Placid (great video of IMLP CTF about 1min into video) and the Chicago Marathon for them I would like to join their fight.

This deferral will be interesting as I will be almost 1 year post op and will be an excellent barometer to figure out if an Ironman will be possible in 2014. I still worry that post op I will not be able to run at all, but for now I need to think the BHR will allow me to run/walk the Marathon  not only here in NYC but also at Ironman Mont-Tremblant 2014.

Now that you know my thought process on adapting to these changes to my race plans, let me leave you with a question. How do you overcome adversity when physical issues prevent you from completing your race goal?

One thought on “NYC Marathon Bitter & not so Sweet:

  1. Way to look at the bright side of what I’m sure was a challenging decision. Hopefully the weather will hold out for all the racers!

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