Journey & life of Triathlon:

In the fall of 2008 I was challenged by my long time college friend and roommate at the time to race the New York Urbanathlon. This race was the first of its kind and predated all the “Spartan Races” “Toughmudder” or “Ruckraces” that have become immensely popular. The Urbanathlon presented by Men’sHealth Magazine is a 10 mile run with various obstacles that each racer must traverse; for example 54 flights of stairs in the #7 tower at the World Financial Center, a construction zone filled with cargo nets, tunnels, and walls, as well as a taxi cab jump where everyone had to jump on and over cabs set up like hurdles (being a local New Yorker, that sounded awesome!). I still owe my roommate a big thank you for getting me involved in the race because this event was the catalyst that inspired me to go for something more, and led to the inevitable first sprint triathlon.

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